• Welcome Back! After taking a 2 year leave of absense, the true The Void Productions is back online, under the management of Derrick Ward.

  • Back in the year 2000, Sam Heald and I came to a disagreement about the future direction of the group. That loser was still interested in hobby programming for the worthless z80 processor, and so he wanted to expand the site's coverage (as well as his ego) by taking on new, equally geeky members.

  • Meanwhile, I had outgrown such an infantile hobby and wanted to take The Void Productions to a new level. As co-founders of the group, we could not decide who owned the rights to the site addresses and title. Issues became enflamed when the calc.org server went down in January of 2000. When they were brought back up, Sam refused to share the site's new FTP information with me. He declared that as a co-founder, he was entitled to half of everything, and so we would split up the site's properties in the following way: He would keep the last two-thirds of the name, Void Productions, and our third web address, "http://void.calc.org". I would get the first third of our title, The, and our first two webaddresses, "http://www.cswnet.edu/~ddward" and "http://void.ticalc.org". Obviously, this arrangement was unacceptable to me - two defunct webaddresses and a word that doesn't even register on most search engines because it's so worthless. I immediately took him to court.

  • Legally, the matter could not be brought into public knowledge until the matter was resolved by a judge. Therefore, the group pretended as if I had merely "retired" and kept my name on the site out of "friendship". In reality, that treacherous offspring group dragged the matter out for two years, driving me to near bankruptcy. Despite their blatant lies and misleading testimonies, the judge decided that, because I was the original webmaster and the title was my idea, both website and title belonged wholly to me, Derrick Ward.

  • Now that the matter has been resolved, The Void Productions is going to go forth in the way that I choose. If you're looking for stupid calculator games, you have come to the wrong place. This group is now dedicated to my true passion, music. It will take me a few days to update the site, getting all of the old TI crap off of it. As it stands now, this is exactly how I left it in February 2000, but the messageboards and guestbook won't work due to changes in the calc.org server. You will probably enjoy this old site just for nostalgic purposes while we're renovating for a new music-oriented site.

  • To help bridge the gap between the old TI-calculator theme and the new music-based group, I've decided to re-release my smash hit single: TI ASM, a song that I wrote back in the day about programming the z80. I've lost the lyrics, and if you can decipher them, please send them to me. Currently, the new The Void Productions has 2 members, myself and Andy Poes, also known as Doniguan. Andy used to be a TI enthusiast, a huge fan of Sam's pathetic group. Now, he has fled from the darkness and found joy in music. His musical revelation cannot be found on this site, yet, but in the meantime, you can find them at his website. I encourage you all to download his music as well as my TI ballad. More information will be up in the next couple of days!

  • P.S. For the losers out there who care, all of the members of the old site have been removed, and last I heard, they were trying to pawn their sorry selves off to other TI programming groups. I do not know where they'll end up, so don't ask. I do know that the TCPA and Detached Solutions refused them because they were not productive enough to meet quotas. Maxcoderz knows the treachery of "Evil Sam" first-hand, and turned them aside as well. Their plans to reform the group with members from the Assembly-82 mailing list failed when they could not track down such prestigious programmers as Greg Milewski, Thomas Hruska, Ilya Winham, Alex Highsmith, or Adam Sonnenstine. They were able to find Ryan Schonhoff, but they could not reconcile their spelling differences. Then they searched high and low trying to find Jason Todd of Alphasoft, the creator of OShell-82 and MarioMan, but to no avail. Wouter thought he spied Jason, ragged and homeless on the streets of Copenhagen, but it just turned out to be Dines Justesen, who was muttering delusionally about the perfect relocation method for ASH v3.1. They tried to get Bryan Rabeler to be their webmaster but he had to back out due to scheduling conflicts with his plans to find the ticalc.org servers and blow them up. The re-formed group would have been named after an association created by Harper Maddox in the mid 1990's, but the project hit another snag when they could not re-acquire the rights to the TI-Files name and webaddress from the company that now owns it. The final blow to the reformation project came when Patrick Davidson expressed dislike for the capitalistic/closed-source paths that the group had taken over the course of last summer. This precipitated a string of apologies and Sam pulling out of the venture like the cowardly, whipped lapdog that he is. Rumor has it that they've associated themselved with the Hays Corporation and are currently working on the Doorways update, but I cannot confirm that.

  • Me learning my political knack (Derrick, an Arkansas native, meets Bill Clinton as a kid):

    The valiant Derrick fighting against the "Evil Sam":

    More cool cartoons from me (Derrick):

    And remember...

    Always listen to Fritz!

  • The TI-83 Plus archive has been updated with the format from the TI-85 archive. The archive itself has been updated significantly with 12-13 new files. Again, thank you TICALC.ORG for the cool animated screenshots. Eventually, we will make our own, but it takes too much time to worry about it now.

  • The Message Board now has the same background has the rest of the site.

  • The TI-85 archive has been marginally updated to provide links for those game previously lacking such data.


  • The TI-85 archive has been completely renovated. All of the files are now up-to-date, and each has a screenshot and description. Thank you TICALC.ORG for the cool animated screenshots.

  • The Guestbook has been updated as well to accomodate the new web design. Look for the the Message Board to be updated similarly in the near future.

  • From now on, we are going to try to update nearly daily, so look for more great things to come in the future. In the meantime, feel free to express your opinions and ideas about the new site design, the future of our site, and the future of our TI projects on the Void Productions Message Board.



    Derrick's Homepage A simple bare bones web page that links all of Derrick's files on the web together.

    Obsolete Computer Gallery This Page will make you feel really good about your ti-82 calculator. At least it's not a TI-99!!

    Icarus ProductionsGo to Icarus Production's web site - featuring work by the ti-85 programmers Andreas Ess, Jimmy Mardell, and more... We knew these guys before they became famous for their color gameboy programming.

    Ahmed TI-8X page Ahmed El-Helw's homepage, features many cool, original games such as Falldown.

    Kouri's Homepage Kouri's TI-82 page. Kouri is one of the few remaining active TI-82 programmers, and his site features TxtView and the upcoming K-Edit.

    Patrick Davidson's site The original programmer of Pacman, Orzunoid, Galaxian, and the Zkart series for ti-85. He also happens to be Sam's TI programming mentor/idol.

    Zilog.com The makers of the z80 cpu found in your calc, as well as in your dad's trash-80, are still around. Check out their page.

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