Ztetris has been voted the best game for the TI-85, TI-86, and the TI-92 on ticalc.org. Now it is time for it to be voted best on the 82! The game was originally written by Jimmy Mardell for the TI-85. He later ported it to the 86 and 92. Now, Evil Sam with the help of Patrick Davidson(surprised?) has ported Ztetris to the 82. All the exciting gameplay is intact! Everything from changing HIGH's to changing levels! This will be the first 82 ASM game ever to use the link cord. You can link your 82 to an 82/85/86/92 to play against your friends!

Download the latest version: *updated*

Ztetris V 1.3 for ASH

Ztetris V 1.3 for the ti-83 (ashell)

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