Baseball '99

There aren't many sports games for the ti82. We've decided to change all that. This is Baseball by Sam Heald. It has three modes: HomeRun Derby, Exhibition, and Season mode. The game also has a two player link mode and is available for the 82 and 83 and possibly others in the future.

The game is a serious challenge. It takes practice to learn how to hit the ball. Confidentially, Derrick just lost a game to the TI 22 to 1!!!

Download the ti82 version::

Baseball '99 82 V1.1 (5k)

Download the ti83 version::

Baseball '99 83 V1.1 (5k)

Download the ti85 version::

Baseball '99 86 V1.5 beta

Download the ti86 version::

Baseball '99 86 V0.7 beta

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