• The TI-83 Plus archive has been updated with the format from the TI-85 archive. The archive itself has been updated significantly with 12-13 new files. Again, thank you TICALC.ORG for the cool animated screenshots. Eventually, we will make our own, but it takes too much time to worry about it now.

  • The Message Board now has the same background has the rest of the site.

  • The TI-85 archive has been marginally updated to provide links for those game previously lacking such data.


  • The TI-85 archive has been completely renovated. All of the files are now up-to-date, and each has a screenshot and description. Thank you TICALC.ORG for the cool animated screenshots.

  • The Guestbook has been updated as well to accomodate the new web design. Look for the the Message Board to be updated similarly in the near future.

  • From now on, we are going to try to update nearly daily, so look for more great things to come in the future. In the meantime, feel free to express your opinions and ideas about the new site design, the future of our site, and the future of our TI projects on the Void Productions Message Board.


  • Updated the links section. 2 dead links were removed, and 3 new sites were added.


  • Sam has updated the TI-83 and TI-83+ versions of Orzunoid

    Orzunoid 83 v7.0 (Ashell83)

    OrzEdit 83 v1.0 (Ashell83)

    Orzunoid 83 v7.0 (ION)

    OrzEdit 83 v1.0 (ION)

    Orzunoid 83+ v7.0 (ION)

    OrzEdit 83+ v1.0 (ION)


  • Sam has optimized and updated the 82 versions of Orzunoid. Download now:

    Orzunoid 82 v7.0

    Orzunoid Level Editor v1.0

    Sam has also released three levels sets for Orzunoid::

    Orzunoid set 82

    Orzunoid set 83

    Orzunoid set 83+


  • TI-83+ archive has been founded, although there are only a few games on it at the moment. The archives are being brought up to speed as the renovation continues...



    Derrick's Homepage A simple bare bones web page that links all of Derrick's files on the web together.

    Obsolete Computer Gallery This Page will make you feel really good about your ti-82 calculator. At least it's not a TI-99!!

    Icarus ProductionsGo to Icarus Production's web site - featuring work by the ti-85 programmers Andreas Ess, Jimmy Mardell, and more... We knew these guys before they became famous for their color gameboy programming.

    Defiance Homepage The homepage of Adamman's Defiance, one of the coolest ongoing TI-82 projects. Promises revolutionary 3D gameplay on an 82.

    Ahmed TI-8X page Ahmed El-Helw's homepage, features many cool, original games such as Falldown.

    Kouri's Homepage Kouri's TI-82 page. Kouri is one of the few remaining active TI-82 programmers, and his site features TxtView and the upcoming K-Edit.

    Patrick Davidson's site The original programmer of Pacman, Orzunoid, Galaxian, and the Zkart series for ti-85. He also happens to be Sam's TI programming mentor/idol.

    Zilog.com The makers of the z80 cpu found in your calc, as well as in your dad's trash-80, are still around. Check out their page.

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