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82i2asmBy: Wouter Demuynck
This program will convert a .82I, .83I, or .8XI picture file into useable ASM code. Very useful.

EZCMP compression utilityBy: Wouter Demuynck
Another useful ASM compression utility by Wouter

SaM Compression utilityBy: Sam Heald
A compression program that does well with 12x12 sprites.

SimpleText Compression utilityBy: Sam Heald
A simple text compression program that compresses by 25% no matter the size of the data. Useful for small amounts of data.

SprMakerBy: Harper Maddox
This UNIX program will convert any dimension .PCX file to ASM code.

ZCP compression utilityBy: Wouter Demuynck
A picture compression utility originally for the TI-85 (hence the name Zshell Compressed Picture) that Wouter converted to the 82/83/83+.