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Avalanche v0.9By: Harper Maddox and Nathan Powell
86 Port: Ahmed El-Helw
Harper's very first ASM game. Dodge the randomly falling icicles as long as you can.
"The gameplay is okay, but it does become stale after awhile." - Sam Heald
"It is a simple game that won't get you bored." - Hieu-Trung Le

Baseball '99 v0.7By: Sam Heald
There aren't many sports games for the TI-8X. We've decided to change all that with Baseball '99. It has three modes: HomeRun Derby, Exhibition, and Season mode. Despite what you think, hitting is not done randomly. Baseball II will make this game look like absolute crap ;)
"How can something so inane be so addictive?" - Nature Leseul
"Baseball '99 is a very fun game written by Sam Heald." - Matt Adler

Brix Demo v0.1bBy: Ahmed El-Helw
Ahmed was working on a graphical puzzle game similar to Vexed by Andrew Von Dollen. If you would like to continue this project, please do. The demo only has five levels.
"Has potential, but for now, forget it." - Nature Leseul

Calendar v2.2By: Ahmed El-Helw and Jonah Cohen
A fully functional calendar. Also features a 12 satellite GPS system, accurate to 1/16th of a mile, in case you happen to get lost in the woods of rural Maryland with your only worthwile companion, a trusty TI. ;)

Checkers 8X v1.1By: Sam Heald
A checkers game for the ti calculators written in 100% machine code and with two player linking features. It's 8X because I decided to use modified versions of the link routines used in Ztetris and convert it to every z80 TI-8X calculator, which means Checkers 82 will link with Checkers 83/85/86 and vice versa. The game is very simple and takes up less than 2k.

The Crown of Darkness Demo v0.4bBy: Ahmed El-Helw
An RPG that Ahmed was working on. This project has been discontinued.

Dasher v1.0By: Ahmed El-Helw and Andy Straube
One of Ahmed's better puzzle games. Collect all the coins before the time runs out. Dash!

FallDown v1.4By: Ahmed El-Helw and Florent Dhordain, based on the game by Thomas Fernique
86 Port: Aaron Curtis
An awesome game by Florent Dhordain and Ahmed based on the TI-89/92 game. The object of the game is simple. You are a ball that is falling through a maze. You must keep falling as much as possible, not letting the top of the screen hit the top of you. You can not win this game, it is an endless game in a sense, just like Tunnels.
"You can argue that it lacks features, but at the same time you can say that it fits a lot in its little space." - Sam Heald
"FallDown is one of those games that never get old." - Eric Sun

FrAWgGuts v1.3By: Derrick Ward
86 Port: Sam Heald
The best and only Frogger-clone on the TI-8X. This game is feature-filled and challenging. It also spawned this site and programming group.

Hard Hat Mack v1.0By: Derrick Ward
86 Port: Sam Heald
Kill those dang aliens!

Hard Hat Mack 2 v1.0By: Derrick Ward
86 Port: Sam Heald
Hard Hat Mack has new levels, and he learned how to jump. Oh yeah, he still has a big gun, and the aliens still must die!

SubHunt v1.3By: Sam Heald
Maneuver your battleship to drop depth charges on the submarines below. Based on a popular Palm Pilot game of the same name, SubHunt combines strategy and fast shoot-em-up gameplay.

Zelda Demo v0.52.6By: Sam Heald and Harper Maddox
The humble beginnings of Void Productions' now extraordinary Zelda project. The graphics in this early rendition are awesome, but the gameplay is a bit lacking.