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The TI-83 will run TI-82 level sets.
The TI-83+ will run TI-82 and TI-83 level sets, but you may NOT archive them!
Do you have your own levels that you would like to see here? Send them to Sam Heald!

Super Mario Levels TI-82 | TI-83 | TI-83+
ABA [83+]By: Corey Laird
COW [83+]By: Corey Laird

PlainJump Levels TI-82 | TI-83 | TI-83+
Four Levels (4 levels) [82] [83]By: N/A
AdamLand (1 level) [82] [83]By: Adam B.
A Hard PJ Level (1 level) [83]By: Chris Heit
Bengt's PJ Levels (5 levels) [83]By: Bengt Werstén
Ben Boas' PJ Level (1 level) [82] [83]By: Ben Boas
CoolZone Level (1 level) [83]By: Chris Heit
(KSA)Tekken's Levels (4 levels) [82] [83]By: (KSA)Tekken
MakeSomeLevels (4 levels) [82] [83]By: Sam Heald
MikeisGame's PJ Levels (3 levels) [83(+)]By: MikeisGame
Mikkkeee's levels (3 levels) [82] [83] [83+]By: Mikkkeee
Sumit's levels (1 level) [82] [83]By: Sumit

Orzunoid Levels TI-82 | TI-83 | TI-83+
666 Levels (3 levelsets) [83+]By: Robert M
Advanced Levels (1 levelset) [83]By: Christian Moore
Bouncey Levels (1 levelset) [83]By: Kaivan Khoshroo
Cool Levels (2 levelsets) [83+]By: Alex K.
Paja Levels (? levelsets) [83]By: Pascal Jansz
Sam's Levels (3 levelets) [82] [83] [83+]By: Sam Heald
WarHawk's Levels (3 levelsets) [83+]By: Stephen Denney (aka WarHawk)