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Images Section/Zelda Contest Updated
Posted on June 4th, 2002
The release date has been pushed back as I mentioned on the front page. Come back here for the latest details. With our .plan pages down, this site now serves as my ".plan" page.

I have posted several new animated screenshots in the Screenshots, mainly showcasing the game items working in the new engine.

Three new title screen submissions are up. One by Jacob Creedon, one by Andrew W., and an update by Cimaron Shanahan. They are in the screenshots sections as well.

Images Section/Zelda Contest Updated
Posted on March 26th, 2002
Questions have arisen about which Zelda title screens might be used. The exact selection process is still to be determined. However, due to the fact that there is not enough room in Zelda for an interrupt-driven grayscale engine, only monochrome pictures are elegible for the 82/83 version. However, the TI-86 version (when/if still undecided) does not have such a restriction. All grayscale submissions will be reevaluated for the TI-86 to determine if they're better than the 82/83 winner. The contest will close April 15th.

Two more new title screen submissions are up. One by JBrett and another by Tadd Nuznov. Check out their entries as well as all the other Zelda title pictures in the Screenshots section!

Images Section Updated
Posted on March 20th, 2002
Two new title screen submissions are up, and keep submitting! Cimaron Shanahan and Tadd Nuznov have improved their entries, hoping to win the honor of having their entry make the final game. Check out their entries in the Screenshots section!

Contact Information
Posted on March 18th, 2002
A note about contacting me for questions, comments, submissions, etc. One of my old email addresses,, is no longer active. I didn't check it for awhile, which resulted in me exceeding the account size limit (I was receiving 30-40 spam messages a day, partly why I stopped checking), so Hotmail closed the account. All of the messages have been lost, so if you sent me something and it hasn't been answered, please resend to a viable address. My is still fine, and if is down, you can be sure to reach me at my school account: I also changed AIM names awhile ago, I can be found using "sbh4duke". However, with a campus internet connection, I often leave my PC online for days at a time without bothering with an away message. If you send an IM and don't receive a response, that is probably the case.

Artists/Lackey Wanted For Images section
Posted on March 18th, 2002
As I said on the mainpage, the contest for Zelda title screen is still open. Additional submissions are welcome, I have received many quality pictures so far, but the best can always be bested. I think the winner will be determined in a 2-step process. At the end of the contest (April 15th), I as well as other Void members are going to vote on the top 3 submissions. Then, we will leave the final decision up to a poll of the general public. Even if you are not good enough to win, I still suggest making a submission because even after the contest is over, all entries will remain on this site. Submissions are to be emailed to me.

On a related note, you have by now realized that the majority of the screenshots were taken awhile ago back when the old TOC map engine was in use. I would like to post more recent animated screenshots with the new engine and other features, but I am unable to. Kirk Meyer's TISShot animated gif utility is not compatible with Windows XP. If someone wants to be my lackey, please email me. In exchange for periodically making animated screenshots, you get to test firsthand Zelda's features before they become public. Formal betatesters will be sanctioned in the future.

The Legend of Zelda: Illusions of the Past
Posted on March 18th, 2002
A couple new tidbits about the...
  • Storyline: Zelda now has a title, no longer is it just referred to as the "Legend of Zelda project." The Legend of Zelda: Illusions of the Past takes place years after A Link to the Past. Check out the Legend section for complete details.

  • Release: Never before have I set a specific date for a Zelda release. In the past, months ahead of time I said ballpark answers like "around Christmas" or "during Thanksgiving break if possible" and I was unable to fulfill. Recent progress has me very enthusiastic and optimistic about this project. I am going to give a release date both exact and soon. The TI-82 version of Zelda will be released on April 22nd, 2002. Why that date? On a personal note, it's my birthday. Realistically, it's a little over four weeks away, and without too much stress I can be beta-testing in two.
    *update: Title changed due to a pre-existing project of similar title.

  • Site Created
    Posted on March 18th, 2002
    This site has been posted on the internet. There is not a whole lot of content to it just yet, because the Legend of Zelda has not been completed. It's really just a collection of information that could be found scattered throughout the existing Void Productions site (screenshots & downloads). I've just decided to group all of the data together for easy browsing. Eventually, when the program is finished, this site will house all sorts of things (as well as an eventual graphic overhaul, ie: effort put in). In the meantime, browse this site for information that you may or may not have seen or known before. Much of the "new" information can already be found in my .plan file, but since so many people neglect to read it, it has been reiterated. The "News" section of this site will act as an alternate .plan page in some respects.