The Legend Of Zelda: Shadows of the PastProject Leader: Sam Heald
Soon To be the greatest calculator game ever! Guide Link, the hero of the Hyrule, through an action-packed quest featuring an overworld covering over 144 screens, 6 dungeons, a horde of enemies, a cornucopia of items/weapons, and enough puzzles to keep the most avid gamer busy. This project was started nearly 4 years ago by Harper Maddox, and it has since seen 3 complete rewrites and 2 graphical overhauls. For more details and the latest information, check out the The Legend of Zelda: Shadows of the Past Homepage

Baseball IIProject Leader: Sam Heald
Despite all common sense, Sam Heald's original Baseball '99 was immensely popular. Due to heavy demand and discontent with mediocrity on his own part, Sam is making two sequels. Baseball II will have similar 2-D gameplay to the original, but it will be packed with many more features like a much improved season mode, sound, scoreboards, actual teams, improved pitching, baserunning, and more!

K-EditProject Leader: Kouri Rosenberg
View and edit text files on your calculator! Extremely useful for school! Uses the TxtView file format (see the programs page for more information on TxtView). Features selectable fonts with extended ASCII character support, word wrap, easy file browsing, and much more.

*Update* This project has been canceled due to lack of time. Check out TI's NoteFolio application for the TI-83+.

Punchout!Project Leader: Harper Maddox
The groundbreaking Nintendo Entertainment System classic is coming to your TI! Fight through a circuit of 5 skilled opponents to become the Heavyweight Champion of the world. Features a scrolling ring, impressive opponent AI, and the most impressive black and white graphics ever on a TI-8X.
Punchout! v.42b (CrASH 82)
Punchout! v.42b (AShell83)
Punchout! v.42b (ION 83(+))
Punchout! v.5b (SOS 83)

SubHunt 2Project Leader: Sam Heald
SubHunt, the popular "mini-game" that has been ported to every z80 calculator, is going to have a sequel. Based on a unique dynamicly-driven grayscale engine (developed by Sam), the game will feature fast and relatively flickerless (relative to that TI-82 nibbles-clone, not 86/89 quality). Grayscale hasn't slown down the game at all, the game runs the same if not a little faster than the original. Grayscale is not going to be the only improvement, though. There will be more than 9 enemy types (three enemy designs so far, each having 3 variations based on color) each with a unique kind of weapon. Your battleship will also get some new gadgets to fire at the creatures and ships below. With the new variety, difficulty will now increase as levels increase (not 7 easy, followed by 8 difficult situation before). A "save game" feature and other minor additions/alterations will also be made. This will feel like an entirely new program. The screenshot to the left is of the original SubHunt engine running in grayscale (the actual game moves faster than the screenshot would lead you to believe). Look for this project to come to the TI-82 in the not too distant future. I will NOT be porting this project to any other calculators (and please don't email me port requests). It will not run with MirageOS due to the interrupt.

The source code of the grayscale engine and a tutorial on how to use it will be released as public domain after the project is completed.