2003 News

Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by Kouri on November 27, 2003
VoidPack title screenHere in the USA, today is a day of giving thanks, and so to thank our loyal visitors, Harper Maddox has released Void's first TI-83+ App, the VoidPack! This is a collection of games by Void, and includes Ahmed's FallDown Forever, Harper's Rogue Runner, and Wouter's Knight Moves. You can download this all-in-one application here. Enjoy!
Also, Ahmed has recently broken the 1 million download mark at ticalc.org. He joins an elite group including Patrick Davidson and Sam Heald. Congratulations Ahmed!

Should we keep the messageboard?
Posted by Kouri on August 27, 2003
Well guys, the Void's webhosting lease with netfirms.com ends in a month... it has allowed us to maintain a messageboard, .plans, and a guestbook over the past year for the low price of $5 per month. However, as you may or may not have noticed, the Void site has been pretty inactive lately. With Sam and Ahmed in college, myself just finishing college, Harper on his world trip, and Wouter working his job, spare time for programming is almost naught. And while the ability to have discussions on the messageboard and post small updates on how things are going in our .plan files is nice, rarely do these get used. So, I thought I would poll you guys for feedback on whether or not to renew our hosting plan and keep our ability to run CGI scripts. Please visit our messageboard and post your thoughts.

*UPDATE 9/26: Wouter has set up void.nucleuscms.org to host our CGI files. The messageboard is back!
*UPDATE 10/15: Finally got the new FTP information from ticalc.org, now we no longer redirect to voidp.netfirms.com. Please update your bookmarks (and check out the new favicon). :)

Sam reaches 1,000,000 downloads at ticalc.org
Posted by Kouri on January 23, 2003
As reported by ticalc.org, Sam's programs have been downloaded over 1 million times since 1998. That's quite an amazing milestone! Congratulations Sam, and thanks for all the games!
Also noteworthy is Ahmed's total download count which is nearing 900,000. Great job guys!