Contest Rules

What can I use?

You are to assume the following unless explicitly stated otherwise in the problem:
  • All registers and memory will contain random values.
  • All registers may contain arbitrary values, except for SP, which must be restored.
  • Memory should not be changed.
  • Temporary memory may not be used.
    ROM Calls:
  • ROM calls may not be used (we want to make this as multi-platform as possible).
    Self Modifying Code:
  • This is acceptable, as long as the code can be run more than once consecutively (it can't destroy itself).
    Interrupts, etc:
  • Interrupts and shadow registers may not be used.
  • The I and IY registers may not be used.
  • The IFF1 and IFF2 flags may not be used.
  • Anything else is fair game.

  • How can I submit my code?

    Send an e-mail of this type to either,, or Let the subject be of the "Problem X Submission" with X being the problem number. We will handle the interface for the problem, unless otherwise specified. We will also accept updates to programs, just specify that it is an update in the e-mail.

  • Your real name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your web site (if you have one)
  • Your source code for only the routine
    This is the desired format:
    Subject: Problem 0 Submission
    Harper Maddox
    Problem 0
     ld b,8
     ld a,(de)
     ld (hl),a
     inc de
     push bc
     ld bc,12
     add hl,bc
     pop bc
     djnz loop
    FYI, that is an aligned 8x8 sprite routine.