Z80 Programming Contest
The Z80 Programming Contest is a great way to show off your skils to the rest of the TI Community, and improve upon your existing skills by tackling a complex problem or by making complex optimizations on a simple problem. If you are unfamilar with the competition at Void Productions and would like to know more, then you might want to check out the Rules Section. If you are just browsing around for something interesting you might like to take a look at the previous problems and their winning entries. We urge everyone to participate!

Contest Started Ended Winner Results
5. RLE Compression 02.12.01 02.19.05 Kirk Meyer and Sean McLaughlin Final Standings
4. Alphabetizer 12.31.00 01.13.01 Kirk Meyer and Ben Mickle Final Standings
3. Bucketsort 12.04.00 12.18.00 Kirk Meyer and Jonah Cohen Final Standings
2. Mystery Text Compression Algorithm 07.15.00 07.29.00 Kirk Meyer Final Standings
1. Pig Latin 05.03.00 05.23.00 Kirk Meyer Final Standings

Baseball II Contest
Sam is looking for a new title picture to be used in his upcoming program, Baseball II. We will be accepting either black and white or grayscale entries. The graphic can be at most 96 pixels wide and 44 pixels tall, and it should depict the title "Baseball II" and some baseball theme. Creativity is good. The winner will have his name & info of his choice on a title screen (see screen shot). The winner will also be allowed to beta-test the program as it reaches release. All entries will be posted on this page. The contest is open up until Baseball II is released. Email all submissions to: Sam Heald
Click Here To View The Baseball Title Picture Submissions.